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Luminox vs Stocker & Yale Sandy 660

Posted by Richard Gross on May 19, 1999 at 13:53:45:
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I have had the opportunity to compare side by side, these two watches. My initial impressions are as follows.
The Luminox Navy Seals-SS case and bracelet in a brushed finish. Carbon Fiber bezel. Tritium vials on hour and minute hand and at the hour markers. Size is approx. 40mm x 10mm. Mineral crystal. Overall impressions: A cheap watch done cheaply. Watch looks and feels inexpensive. Bracelet is poorly constructed with sharp edges and very poorly constructed clasp. Pins connecting links push out almost with a toothpick. Case construction is poorly finished. Rough edges abound on case and bracelet. The only saving grace is the tritium markers and hands. Very bright, as advertised.

The Stocker & Yale Sandy 660. For the price-a lot of watch. Brushed SS case and bracelet. Actually, two tone, polished and brushed SS. Steel bezel w/printed markers. 40mm x 10.5mm case. Well finished case and bracelet. No rough edges that I can see. Bracelet feels substantial and is of solid link construction. Mineral crystal. Tritium vials on hands and little markers indented in minute track. This watch has numbers as well.

Both watches are 200m WR w/screw down crows and backs. The Sandy 660 crown/stem assembly feels much more substantial. No wobble when extended to adjust time or date. The Luminox feels like crown will come adrift. Both are swiss movements and are purportedly manufactured in SW to "Government" specs. The Sandy is the only one of the two that has all spec #s on back.

Conclusion: For a good, all around "beater" watch, one that you would not be afraid to wear while working in the yard, on the car, etc., the Sandy cannot be beat. Excellent watch for the $$.

Richard is right, the 660 is awesome!

Posted by Diver Dude on May 19, 1999 at 14:58:09:
In Reply to: Luminox vs Stocker & Yale Sandy 660 posted by Richard Gross on May 19, 1999 at 13:53:45:
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Last week, the TZ community turned me on to this great watch when I asked about the Luminox. A week later, I'm SO glad I bought the 660 instead.

Is it great enough to make me want to ditch my Seamaster auto or my Eterna matic? Of course not, but it is an outstanding value. The experience of finding out about it on TZ, discovering a great online retailer (Countycomm.com), and getting it (without blowing a wad of money) was downright fun.

This is more than a watch-- the buying experience is great entertainment!


Posted by tom margulies on May 19, 1999 at 15:42:25:
In Reply to: Luminox vs Stocker & Yale Sandy 660 posted by Richard Gross on May 19, 1999 at 13:53:45:
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I have never seen the Sandy, but I bought the rubber strapped Luminox almost two years ago. I use it for snow camping in the mountains. It's pitch black in a snow cave and my sense of time goes haywire. The time is instantly visable on this watch; almost bright enough to use for a flashlight! The watch has been banged, abused, dropped, frozen, thawed, yanked on ... nothing has come loose or broken. I am surprised and disappointed that the metal version is so poorly made, but I'd rather have a rubber watch band in the snow anyway.

Thanks for the interesting post.


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