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Advanced UNIX Programming is the long-awaited (19 years!) update to the 1985 original. Maybe "update" isn't the right word--of the 750-or-so pages in the new book, there are maybe two dozen paragraphs that are unchanged. The original covered about 70 system calls, and the new one covers about 300.

Read the Table of Contents. Or, read a sample chapter.

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On this site you'll find:

bullet Source code for the examples
bullet Ux C++ wrapper (Appendix B)
bullet Jtux, Java-to-UNIX interface (Appendix C)
bullet Errata
bullet Links to referenced books and Web pages
bullet Links to other recommended books
bullet Summary of Standard UNIX Functions, Structures, and Unions
bullet Other resources, not in the book
bullet Articles by Marc that cover topics beyond what's in the book

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Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) claims to be a SUS3 system. I have a draft of a new page. Many of the changes apply to other systems as well.

I've written a new program to display option and other macros in unistd.h. There's a web page showing the values for OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Darwin.

A function to translate error codes to strings, replacing the code shown on p. 27 of the book, has been part of the example distribution from the start, but now's there an explanation.

Buy the book! (If you already have a copy, get a spare.) Amazon has several customer reviews posted.


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