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Example Files from Advanced UNIX Programming, 2nd Edition

Detailed Description

Chap. 1 - Fundamental Concepts
Chap. 2 - Basic File I/O
Chap. 3 - Advanced File I/O
Chap. 4 - Terminal I/O
Chap. 5 - Processes and Threads
Chap. 6 - Basic Interprocess Communication
Chap. 7 - Advanced Interprocess Communication
Chap. 8 - Networking and Sockets
Chap. 9 - Signals and Timers

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Chap. 1
Sec. 1.4.2*  common/logf.c  Logging utility
Sec. 1.4.2*  common/logf.h  header for above
Sec. 1.4.2  common/ec.c  Error-checking support functions
Sec. 1.4.2  common/ec.h  header for above
Sec. 1.5.3  c1/suvreq.c  Asking the system what it has
Sec. 1.5.3  include/suvreq.h  Asking the system what it has (header)
Sec. 1.5.4, 2.16.2  common/options.c  Check _POSIX_SYNCHRONIZED_IO and _POSIX_ASYNCHRONOUS_IO
Sec. 1.5.4, 2.16.2  common/options.h  header for above
Sec. 1.6  include/defs.h  Common header file
Sec. 1.4  c1/errorhandling.c  Error handling examples
Sec. 1.4.1  c1/syserr.c  syserrmsg
Sec. 1.4.1  c1/syserr.h  header for above
Sec. 1.5*  c1/ckstdvers.c  Program to display POSIX and X/Open version info
Sec. 1.5*  c1/ckvers.c  Program to display POSIX and X/Open version info
Sec. 1.5.4*  c1/version.c  POSIX System Capabilities
Sec. 1.5.4  c1/opttest.c  Checking for an option.
Sec. 1.5.5  c1/sysconf.c  Using sysconf
Sec. 1.7.2  c1/time.c  timestart and timestop
Sec. 1.7.2  c1/timetst.c  Testing timestart and timestop
Chap. 2
Chap. 2  c2/x2.c  Miscellaneous examples for Chap. 2
Sec. 2.9, 2.10  c2/extio.c  writeall and readall
Sec. 2.9, 2.10  include/extio.h  writeall and readall (header)
Sec. 2.12.2  c2/bufio.c  Functions for User Buffering
Sec. 2.12.2  c2/bufio.h  header for above
Sec. 2.15*  c2/writev.c  writev test program
Sec. 2.16.2*  c2/syncio.c  Synchronized I/O test program
Sec. 2.17*  c2/trunc.c  ftruncate test program
Chap. 3
Chap. 3  c3/x3a.c  Miscellaneous examples for Chap. 3
Sec. 3.2.2  c3/inode.c  Display i-node
Sec. 3.2.3*  c2/getblksize.c  Get block size
Sec. 3.5, 3.6.5  c3/aupls.c  ls command
Sec. 3.5.1*  c3/slink.c  Symbolic-link test program (uses stat and lstat)
Sec. 3.6.4*  c3/bigdir.c  Long-pathname test program
Sec. 3.6.4  c3/cwd.c  getcwd
Sec. 3.9.8  c3/feed.c  feed (used with sio)
Sec. 3.9.8  c3/sio.c  sio (used with feed)
Chap. 4
Chap. 4  c4/x4.c  Miscellaneous examples for Chap. 4
Sec. 4.2.2  c4/setblock.c  setblock (turn blocking on or off)
Sec. 4.2.2  c4/setblock.h  header for above
Sec. 4.3.5  c4/pginfo.c  Display session- and process-group-related information
Sec. 4.5.10  c4/x4a.c  tc_setraw test program
Sec. 4.5.9, 4.5.10  c4/tc_setraw.c  Raw terminal I/O
Sec. 4.5.9, 4.5.10  c4/tc_setraw.h  header for above
Sec. 4.7  c4/auptty.c  tty command
Sec. 4.8  c4/scrapp.c  Full-screen application (ANSI/VT100)
Sec. 4.8  c4/scrappc.c  Full-screen application (Curses)
Sec. 4.9  c4/streamlist.c  Display STREAMS modules
Sec. 4.9  c4/streamlist.h  header for above
Sec. 4.10.1  c4/ptutil.c  Pseudo-Terminal Library
Sec. 4.10.1  c4/ptutil.h  header for above
Sec. 4.10.2  c4/record.c  Record and Playback Example
Chap. 5
Chap. 5  c5/x5a.c  Miscellaneous examples for Chap. 5
Sec. 5.2  c5/setenv.c  setenv, getenv, and unsetenv
Sec. 5.2  c5/setenv.h  header for above
Sec. 5.2  c5/x5.c  Environment examples
Sec. 5.4, 5.6, 5.10  c5/sh0.c  shells, version 1, 2, and 3
Sec. 5.4  c5/builtin.c  asg and set built-in commands (used in shells)
Sec. 5.4  c5/builtin.h  header for above
Sec. 5.8*  common/macrostr.c  Convert macro values to strings
Sec. 5.8*  common/macrostr.h  header for above
Sec. 5.8*  common/mkmacrostr.c  Convert macro values to strings - compiler
Sec. 5.8  c5/statuspr.c  Display exit status
Sec. 5.8  c5/statuspr.h  header for above
Sec. 5.8  c5/waitid.c  waitid example
Sec. 5.8  c5/waitpid.c  waitpid example
Sec. 5.10*  c5/fpe.c  Generates SIGFPE (used for testing shells)
Sec. 5.11  c5/uidgrp.c  Display real and effective user and group IDs
Sec. 5.15  c5/nice.c  nice command
Sec. 5.16  c5/limit.c  getrlimit and setrlimit example
Sec. 5.17*  common/pthreadstub.c  pthread stubs
Sec. 5.17*  c5/t0.c  Non-blocking input
Sec. 5.17*  c5/t1.c  Thread example
Sec. 5.17*  c5/t2-mtx.c  Thread example (background sorting; with mutexes)
Sec. 5.17*  c5/t2.c  Thread example (background sorting; no mutexes)
Sec. 5.17.1  c5/tx1.c  Thread example
Sec. 5.17.2  c5/tx2.c  Thread example (pthread_join)
Sec. 5.17.3  c5/tx3.c  Thread example (mutex)
Sec. 5.17.3  c5/tx4.c  Thread example (mutex)
Sec. 5.17.4  c5/tx5.c  Thread example (condition variable)
Sec. 5.17.5  c5/tx6.c  Thread example (cancellation)
Sec. 5.17.5  c5/tx7.c  Thread example (cleanup handler)
Sec. 5.18.2  c7/uem.c  Unified Event Manager prototype
Sec. 5.18.2  c7/uem.h  header for above
Sec. 5.18.2  c7/uemtst.c  Unified Event Manager test program
Chap. 6
Chap. 6  c6/x6.c  Miscellaneous examples for Chap. 6
Sec. 6.2, 9.2.3*  c6/pcsync.c  Synchronize processes with pipe
Sec. 6.2, 9.2.3*  c6/pcsync.h  header for above
Sec. 6.2, 9.2.3*  c6/pcsync_sig.c  Synchronize processes with signals
Sec. 6.2, 9.2.3*  c6/pcsync_sig.h  header for above
Sec. 6.2.3  c6/piperead.c  piperead (goes with pipewrite in x6.c)
Sec. 6.4  c6/sh3.c  real shell (version 4)
Sec. 6.5  c6/search0.c  editor front-end (unidirectional pipes)
Sec. 6.6  c6/search1.c  editor front-end (bidirectional pipe)
Chap. 7
Sec. 7.2.2  c7/smsg.h  Header for FIFO example
Sec. 7.2.2  c7/smsg_client.c  FIFO-based client
Sec. 7.2.2  c7/smsg_makefifoname.c  make_fifo_name
Sec. 7.2.2  c7/smsg_server.c  FIFO-based server
Sec. 7.3.2  c7/smi.h  Simple Messaging Interface
Sec. 7.3.2  c7/smsg_client_smi_a.c  SMI-based client
Sec. 7.3.2  c7/smsg_server_smi_a.c  SMI-based server
Sec. 7.3.2  c7/smsg_smi.h  Header for smsg test program
Sec. 7.3.3, 7.5.3, etc.  c7/smi_wrap_incl.h  Header to generate SMI wrappers
Sec. 7.3.3  c7/smi_fifo.c  SMI - FIFOs
Sec. 7.3.3  c7/smi_fifo.h  header for above
Sec. 7.3.3  c7/smi_fifo_wrap.c  SMI wrapper - FIFOs
Sec. 7.4*  c7/ipcobjs.c  Sys V IPC-object test program
Sec. 7.5.3  c7/smi_msg.c  SMI - System V messages
Sec. 7.5.3  c7/smi_msg.h  header for above
Sec. 7.5.3  c7/smi_msg_wrap.c  SMI wrapper - System V messages
Sec. 7.7.2  c7/smi_mq.c  SMI - POSIX messages
Sec. 7.7.2  c7/smi_mq.h  header for above
Sec. 7.7.2  c7/smi_mq_wrap.c  SMI wrapper - POSIX messages
Sec. 7.9.2, 7.10.1  c7/SimpleSem.h  Simple Semaphore Interface
Sec. 7.9.2, 7.10.1  c7/sstest.c  Simple Semaphore test program
Sec. 7.9.2  c7/SimpleSemSysV.c  Simple Semaphore Interface - System V implementation
Sec. 7.10.1  c7/SimpleSemPOSIX.c  Simple Semaphore Interface - POSIX implementation
Sec. 7.11.1  c7/f1.c  File locking (bad example)
Sec. 7.11.2  c7/f2.c  File locking (semaphore)
Sec. 7.11.3  c7/f3.c  File locking (lockf)
Sec. 7.11.5  c7/lockftest.c  lockf test program (mandatory locking)
Sec. 7.13.1  c7/shmex.c  Example using shared memory (bad example)
Sec. 7.13.2  c7/shmex2.c  Example using shared memory and semaphore (inefficient)
Sec. 7.13.2  c7/shmex3.c  Example using shared memory and two semaphores
Sec. 7.13.3  c7/smi_shm.c  SMI - System V shared memory
Sec. 7.13.3  c7/smi_shm.h  header for above
Sec. 7.13.3  c7/smi_shm_wrap.c  SMI wrapper - System V shared memory
Sec. 7.14.2  c7/smi_pshm.c  SMI - POSIX shared memory
Sec. 7.14.2  c7/smi_pshm.h  header for above
Sec. 7.14.2  c7/smi_pshm_wrap.c  SMI wrapper - POSIX shared memory
Sec. 7.15  c7/msg_time.c  IPC timing comparisons
Chap. 8
Sec. 8.1.1  c8/sktex.c  Socket example program
Sec. 8.1.3  c8/sktexm.c  Socket example program (multiple clients)
Sec. 8.1.4  c8/byteorder.c  Byte order example
Sec. 8.2.3  c8/sktcl.c  inet_addr example
Sec. 8.2.6  c8/adi.c  getaddrinfo test program
Sec. 8.3  c8/sktopt.c  Socket options example
Sec. 8.4.3*  c8/br.c  More-complete Web Browser
Sec. 8.4.3  c8/minibr.c  Mini Web Browser
Sec. 8.4.4*  c8/ws.c  More-complete Web Server
Sec. 8.4.4  c8/miniws.c  Mini Web Server
Sec. 8.4.5  c8/ssi.c  Simple Socket Interface
Sec. 8.4.5  c8/ssi.h  header for above
Sec. 8.5  c7/smi_skt.c  SMI - sockets
Sec. 8.5  c7/smi_skt.h  header for above
Sec. 8.5  c7/smi_skt_wrap.c  SMI wrapper - sockets
Sec. 8.6.2  c8/sktexdg.c  SOCK_DGRAM example program
Sec. 8.6.2  c8/sktexdgmult.c  SOCK_DGRAM example program (multiple clients)
Sec. 8.6.3  c8/sktexdgmultmsg.c  SOCK_DGRAM example program (multiple clients, recvmsg/sendmsg)
Sec. 8.7.1  c9/alarm_test.c  alarm example
Sec. 8.8  c8/ndb.c  Network database examples
Sec. 8.8.3*  c8/protoent.c  getprotoent example
Chap. 9
Sec. 9.1.1  c9/intro.c  Introductory signal example (catching)
Sec. 9.1.1  c9/intro2.c  Introductory signal example (ignoring)
Sec. 9.1.7  c9/sighandler.c  Signal-handler example
Sec. 9.1.8  c9/sigmin.c  Minimal defensive signal handling
Sec. 9.2.2  c9/sigminthr.c  Minimal defensive signal handling using sigwait (bad example)
Sec. 9.2.3  c9/prcssync.c  Process-synchronization examples
Sec. 9.5.1*  c9/ctx.c  swapcontext example
Sec. 9.5.1  c9/siginfo.c  RTS siginfo_t example
Sec. 9.5.5  c9/thrq.c  Queued-signals example using threads
Sec. 9.6  c9/jmp.c  longjmp example
Sec. 9.7.2  c9/slp-simple.c  sleep implementation using alarm (naive)
Sec. 9.7.2  c9/slp.c  sleep implementation using alarm
Sec. 9.7.4, 9.7.5  c9/tmr.c  Timer and clock examples

*Code does not appear in the book.


file  adi.c
 getaddrinfo test program [Sec. 8.2.6]

file  alarm_test.c
 alarm example [Sec. 8.7.1]

file  aupls.c
 ls command [Sec. 3.5, 3.6.5]

file  auptty.c
 tty command [Sec. 4.7]

file  bigdir.c
 Long-pathname test program [Sec. 3.6.4 (not in book)].

file  br.c
 More-complete Web Browser [Sec. 8.4.3 (not in book)].

file  bufio.c
 Functions for User Buffering [Sec. 2.12.2].

file  bufio.h
 header for above [Sec. 2.12.2]

file  builtin.c
 asg and set built-in commands (used in shells) [Sec. 5.4]

file  builtin.h
 header for above [Sec. 5.4]

file  byteorder.c
 Byte order example [Sec. 8.1.4].

file  ckstdvers.c
 Program to display POSIX and X/Open version info [Sec. 1.5 (not in book)].

file  ckvers.c
 Program to display POSIX and X/Open version info [Sec. 1.5 (not in book)].

file  ctx.c
 swapcontext example [Sec. 9.5.1 (not in book)]

file  cwd.c
 getcwd [Sec. 3.6.4]

file  defs.h
 Common header file [Sec. 1.6].

file  ec.c
 Error-checking support functions [Sec. 1.4.2].

file  ec.h
 header for above [Sec. 1.4.2]

file  errorhandling.c
 Error handling examples [Sec. 1.4].

file  extio.c
 writeall and readall [Sec. 2.9, 2.10]

file  extio.h
 writeall and readall (header) [Sec. 2.9, 2.10]

file  f1.c
 File locking (bad example) [Sec. 7.11.1].

file  f2.c
 File locking (semaphore) [Sec. 7.11.2].

file  f3.c
 File locking (lockf) [Sec. 7.11.3].

file  feed.c
 feed (used with sio) [Sec. 3.9.8]

file  fpe.c
 Generates SIGFPE (used for testing shells) [Sec. 5.10 (not in book)].

file  getblksize.c
 Get block size [Sec. 3.2.3 (not in book)].

file  inode.c
 Display i-node [Sec. 3.2.2].

file  intro.c
 Introductory signal example (catching) [Sec. 9.1.1].

file  intro2.c
 Introductory signal example (ignoring) [Sec. 9.1.1].

file  ipcobjs.c
 Sys V IPC-object test program [Sec. 7.4 (not in book)].

file  jmp.c
 longjmp example [Sec. 9.6]

file  limit.c
 getrlimit and setrlimit example [Sec. 5.16]

file  lockftest.c
 lockf test program (mandatory locking) [Sec. 7.11.5]

file  logf.c
 Logging utility [Sec. 1.4.2 (not in book)].

file  logf.h
 header for above [Sec. 1.4.2 (not in book)]

file  macrostr.c
 Convert macro values to strings [Sec. 5.8 (not in book)].

file  macrostr.h
 header for above [Sec. 5.8 (not in book)]

file  minibr.c
 Mini Web Browser [Sec. 8.4.3].

file  miniws.c
 Mini Web Server [Sec. 8.4.4].

file  mkmacrostr.c
 Convert macro values to strings - compiler [Sec. 5.8 (not in book)].

file  msg_time.c
 IPC timing comparisons [Sec. 7.15].

file  ndb.c
 Network database examples [Sec. 8.8].

file  nice.c
 nice command [Sec. 5.15]

file  options.c

file  options.h
 header for above [Sec. 1.5.4, 2.16.2]

file  opttest.c
 Checking for an option. [Sec. 1.5.4].

file  pcsync.c
 Synchronize processes with pipe [Sec. 6.2, 9.2.3 (not in book)].

file  pcsync.h
 header for above [Sec. 6.2, 9.2.3 (not in book)]

file  pcsync_sig.c
 Synchronize processes with signals [Sec. 6.2, 9.2.3 (not in book)].

file  pcsync_sig.h
 header for above [Sec. 6.2, 9.2.3 (not in book)]

file  pginfo.c
 Display session- and process-group-related information [Sec. 4.3.5].

file  piperead.c
 piperead (goes with pipewrite in x6.c) [Sec. 6.2.3]

file  prcssync.c
 Process-synchronization examples [Sec. 9.2.3].

file  protoent.c
 getprotoent example [Sec. 8.8.3 (not in book)]

file  pthreadstub.c
 pthread stubs [Sec. 5.17 (not in book)]

file  ptutil.c
 Pseudo-Terminal Library [Sec. 4.10.1].

file  ptutil.h
 header for above [Sec. 4.10.1]

file  record.c
 Record and Playback Example [Sec. 4.10.2].

file  scrapp.c
 Full-screen application (ANSI/VT100) [Sec. 4.8].

file  scrappc.c
 Full-screen application (Curses) [Sec. 4.8].

file  search0.c
 editor front-end (unidirectional pipes) [Sec. 6.5]

file  search1.c
 editor front-end (bidirectional pipe) [Sec. 6.6]

file  setblock.c
 setblock (turn blocking on or off) [Sec. 4.2.2]

file  setblock.h
 header for above [Sec. 4.2.2]

file  setenv.c
 setenv, getenv, and unsetenv [Sec. 5.2]

file  setenv.h
 header for above [Sec. 5.2]

file  sh0.c
 shells, version 1, 2, and 3 [Sec. 5.4, 5.6, 5.10]

file  sh3.c
 real shell (version 4) [Sec. 6.4]

file  shmex.c
 Example using shared memory (bad example) [Sec. 7.13.1].

file  shmex2.c
 Example using shared memory and semaphore (inefficient) [Sec. 7.13.2].

file  shmex3.c
 Example using shared memory and two semaphores [Sec. 7.13.2].

file  sighandler.c
 Signal-handler example [Sec. 9.1.7].

file  siginfo.c
 RTS siginfo_t example [Sec. 9.5.1].

file  sigmin.c
 Minimal defensive signal handling [Sec. 9.1.8].

file  sigminthr.c
 Minimal defensive signal handling using sigwait (bad example) [Sec. 9.2.2].

file  SimpleSem.h
 Simple Semaphore Interface [Sec. 7.9.2, 7.10.1].

file  SimpleSemPOSIX.c
 Simple Semaphore Interface - POSIX implementation [Sec. 7.10.1].

file  SimpleSemSysV.c
 Simple Semaphore Interface - System V implementation [Sec. 7.9.2].

file  sio.c
 sio (used with feed) [Sec. 3.9.8]

file  sktcl.c
 inet_addr example [Sec. 8.2.3]

file  sktex.c
 Socket example program [Sec. 8.1.1].

file  sktexdg.c
 SOCK_DGRAM example program [Sec. 8.6.2].

file  sktexdgmult.c
 SOCK_DGRAM example program (multiple clients) [Sec. 8.6.2].

file  sktexdgmultmsg.c
 SOCK_DGRAM example program (multiple clients, recvmsg/sendmsg) [Sec. 8.6.3].

file  sktexm.c
 Socket example program (multiple clients) [Sec. 8.1.3].

file  sktopt.c
 Socket options example [Sec. 8.3].

file  slink.c
 Symbolic-link test program (uses stat and lstat) [Sec. 3.5.1 (not in book)].

file  slp-simple.c
 sleep implementation using alarm (naive) [Sec. 9.7.2]

file  slp.c
 sleep implementation using alarm [Sec. 9.7.2]

file  smi.h
 Simple Messaging Interface [Sec. 7.3.2].

file  smi_fifo.c
 SMI - FIFOs [Sec. 7.3.3].

file  smi_fifo.h
 header for above [Sec. 7.3.3]

file  smi_fifo_wrap.c
 SMI wrapper - FIFOs [Sec. 7.3.3].

file  smi_mq.c
 SMI - POSIX messages [Sec. 7.7.2].

file  smi_mq.h
 header for above [Sec. 7.7.2]

file  smi_mq_wrap.c
 SMI wrapper - POSIX messages [Sec. 7.7.2].

file  smi_msg.c
 SMI - System V messages [Sec. 7.5.3].

file  smi_msg.h
 header for above [Sec. 7.5.3]

file  smi_msg_wrap.c
 SMI wrapper - System V messages [Sec. 7.5.3].

file  smi_pshm.c
 SMI - POSIX shared memory [Sec. 7.14.2].

file  smi_pshm.h
 header for above [Sec. 7.14.2]

file  smi_pshm_wrap.c
 SMI wrapper - POSIX shared memory [Sec. 7.14.2].

file  smi_shm.c
 SMI - System V shared memory [Sec. 7.13.3].

file  smi_shm.h
 header for above [Sec. 7.13.3]

file  smi_shm_wrap.c
 SMI wrapper - System V shared memory [Sec. 7.13.3].

file  smi_skt.c
 SMI - sockets [Sec. 8.5].

file  smi_skt.h
 header for above [Sec. 8.5]

file  smi_skt_wrap.c
 SMI wrapper - sockets [Sec. 8.5].

file  smi_wrap_incl.h
 Header to generate SMI wrappers [Sec. 7.3.3, 7.5.3, etc.].

file  smsg.h
 Header for FIFO example [Sec. 7.2.2].

file  smsg_client.c
 FIFO-based client [Sec. 7.2.2].

file  smsg_client_smi_a.c
 SMI-based client [Sec. 7.3.2].

file  smsg_makefifoname.c
 make_fifo_name [Sec. 7.2.2]

file  smsg_server.c
 FIFO-based server [Sec. 7.2.2].

file  smsg_server_smi_a.c
 SMI-based server [Sec. 7.3.2].

file  smsg_smi.h
 Header for smsg test program [Sec. 7.3.2].

file  ssi.c
 Simple Socket Interface [Sec. 8.4.5].

file  ssi.h
 header for above [Sec. 8.4.5]

file  sstest.c
 Simple Semaphore test program [Sec. 7.9.2, 7.10.1].

file  statuspr.c
 Display exit status [Sec. 5.8].

file  statuspr.h
 header for above [Sec. 5.8]

file  streamlist.c
 Display STREAMS modules [Sec. 4.9].

file  streamlist.h
 header for above [Sec. 4.9]

file  suvreq.c
 Asking the system what it has [Sec. 1.5.3].

file  suvreq.h
 Asking the system what it has (header) [Sec. 1.5.3].

file  syncio.c
 Synchronized I/O test program [Sec. 2.16.2 (not in book)].

file  sysconf.c
 Using sysconf [Sec. 1.5.5].

file  syserr.c
 syserrmsg [Sec. 1.4.1]

file  syserr.h
 header for above [Sec. 1.4.1]

file  t0.c
 Non-blocking input [Sec. 5.17 (not in book)].

file  t1.c
 Thread example [Sec. 5.17 (not in book)].

file  t2-mtx.c
 Thread example (background sorting; with mutexes) [Sec. 5.17 (not in book)].

file  t2.c
 Thread example (background sorting; no mutexes) [Sec. 5.17 (not in book)].

file  tc_setraw.c
 Raw terminal I/O [Sec. 4.5.9, 4.5.10].

file  tc_setraw.h
 header for above [Sec. 4.5.9, 4.5.10]

file  thrq.c
 Queued-signals example using threads [Sec. 9.5.5].

file  time.c
 timestart and timestop [Sec. 1.7.2]

file  timetst.c
 Testing timestart and timestop [Sec. 1.7.2].

file  tmr.c
 Timer and clock examples [Sec. 9.7.4, 9.7.5].

file  trunc.c
 ftruncate test program [Sec. 2.17 (not in book)]

file  tx1.c
 Thread example [Sec. 5.17.1].

file  tx2.c
 Thread example (pthread_join) [Sec. 5.17.2].

file  tx3.c
 Thread example (mutex) [Sec. 5.17.3].

file  tx4.c
 Thread example (mutex) [Sec. 5.17.3].

file  tx5.c
 Thread example (condition variable) [Sec. 5.17.4].

file  tx6.c
 Thread example (cancellation) [Sec. 5.17.5].

file  tx7.c
 Thread example (cleanup handler) [Sec. 5.17.5].

file  uem.c
 Unified Event Manager prototype [Sec. 5.18.2].

file  uem.h
 header for above [Sec. 5.18.2]

file  uemtst.c
 Unified Event Manager test program [Sec. 5.18.2].

file  uidgrp.c
 Display real and effective user and group IDs [Sec. 5.11].

file  version.c
 POSIX System Capabilities [Sec. 1.5.4 (not in book)].

file  waitid.c
 waitid example [Sec. 5.8]

file  waitpid.c
 waitpid example [Sec. 5.8]

file  writev.c
 writev test program [Sec. 2.15 (not in book)]

file  ws.c
 More-complete Web Server [Sec. 8.4.4 (not in book)].

file  x2.c
 Miscellaneous examples for Chap. 2 [Chap. 2].

file  x3a.c
 Miscellaneous examples for Chap. 3 [Chap. 3].

file  x4.c
 Miscellaneous examples for Chap. 4 [Chap. 4].

file  x4a.c
 tc_setraw test program [Sec. 4.5.10]

file  x5.c
 Environment examples [Sec. 5.2].

file  x5a.c
 Miscellaneous examples for Chap. 5 [Chap. 5].

file  x6.c
 Miscellaneous examples for Chap. 6 [Chap. 6].

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