2004, 2005 by Marc J. Rochkind. All rights reserved. Portions marked "Open Source" may be copied under license.


Downloading Example Files

To download the files as a single tarball (aup2ex.tar.gz), click here. It's about 150K bytes.

If you're using WinZip (and perhaps other programs) and your browser brings up a dialog with Open and Save buttons, choose Save and then open the result, rather than choosing Open directly. (Otherwise, you may find that WinZip shows the tar file name with a number in square brackets after it, and you must rename the file before you can open it.)

If you're on a UNIX or Linux system, save the file to your system and use tar and then run gzip -d or gunzip on it.

This archive includes Ux. Jtux has its own archive.

You'll find instructions on how to compile the downloaded source here.


1. A new error-code-to-string translator (macrostr.c) has replaced the code shown on p. 27 of the book since the source code was first made available in April, 2004, but there never was much of an explanation. I've just (May, 2005) discovered that the technique used on p. 27 of using the error-code macros as initializers no longer works, because they're not necessarily constants. (Indeed, they aren't on Mac OS X 10.4, and perhaps not on other systems, either). So, I've revised macrostr.c and written a new explanatory web page. The new code isn't yet in the archive with the rest of the example code, but you can get a separate tarball that contains it by clicking here.

2. I'm working on other updates for Mac OS X 10.4, which claims to be a SUS3 system, and I have a draft of a page that explains the changes. Many of these updates will help you with other systems as well.