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News for 26-Nov-2011

Argus A2 added

Kodak Bantam RF added

Canon T50 added

3-page ad for Canon T70 added

Ad for Kodak Duaflex added

News for 12-Nov-2011

Added a bunch of ads for Kodak Retina Reflex S - 1959

News for 5/6-Nov-2011

Added Kodak Retina Reflex S - 1959

News for 8/9-Oct-2011

Added Kodak Retina II, including ad and manual

Article Kodak Camera Line-up - 1949 is now complete!

News for 5-Oct-2011

Added Kodak Flash Bantam

Added Kodak Reflex II

Added Kodak Duaflex (1947) to Kodak Duaflex IV page, and page retitled "Kodak Duaflex - 1947" (both are there)

Added Kodak Baby Brownie Special, Kodak Brownie Reflex, and Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20 to Kodak Brownies and Hawkeyes

Updated article Kodak Camera Line-up - 1949 with these Kodak additions

News for 7-Sept-2011

Added Canon EF

News for 6-Sept-2011

Added Canon T70

News for 2-Sept-2011

New article: Kodak Camera Line-up - 1949

News for 1-Sept-2011

Added: Argus C-4

News for 30-August-2011

Added: Voigtlander Vito B

Added price for Canon AL-1.

News for 29-August-2011

Added: Univex Mercury

Text updated for Canon F-1, Canon Pellix, Canon FT, Canon AL-1.

Added Canon AL-1 ad.

List price adjusted for Canon F-1, based on more accurate information.

News for 26/27-August-2011

Canon F-1 updated: 10 new photos of camera, long Popular Photography review, and 4 photos taken with the camera.

News for 19-August-2011

New iOS Version 1.05 fixes a bug with device rotation.

News for 12-August-2011

Added additional text and four photos taken with Konica FP, three new and one from the 1964-65 New York World's Fair

Added new camera: Perfex Fifty Five

News for 11-August-2011

Added additional text and two photos taken with Minolta Hi-Matic

News for 9-August-2011

Added additional text and three photos taken with Kodak Retina Reflex

News for 5-August-2011

New camera: Olympus XA

New camera: Braun Paxette Electromatic

Olympus XA2 text updated

Added Modern Photography article to Asahi Pentax Auto 110

Added Modern Photography article to Nikon EM

Revised article "The Auto-Exposure Class of 1959" to include Braun Paxette Electromatic

News for 4-August-2011

New camera: Bolsey Model B

New camera: Kodak Pony 135

New Kodak Medalist II ad from Popular Photography

Added to Bolsey Model C: Photo comparing it to the Model B, and revised text

News for 3-August-2011

New camera: Clarus MS-35

New camera: Kodak Tourist

Took my Minox 35 GL out shooting and added two photos.

News for 2-August-2011

New camera: Minox 35 - 1974

Added 2 Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta B brochures from 1937 and 1941

News for 29-July-2011

Added two reviews of the Asahi Pentax Auto 110 from Modern Photography.

Shot a roll with my Zeiss Ikon Contaflex. From the scans (haven't seen the negatives yet), it was a bust. Four images only, all messed up in one way or another. More complete analysis will follow, but it appears my Contaflex, as pretty as it looks, is not a shooter.

News for 28-July-2011

Took Rollei 35 and Olympus XA2 out shooting. Some photos posted, and text updated.

News for 27-July-2011

More Kodak Ektra additions: very detailed brochure, and text written by me.

Two photos taken by me added to Kodak Medalist II grid, and text updated.

New article: Heavy Cameras.

Also, forgot to mention yesterday: Redesigned contents page.

News for 26-July-2011

Kodak Ektra additions: 52-page manual, Popular Photography items from 1941 and 1942

News for 25-July-2011

New camera: Kodak Ektra — Kodak's world-class rangefinder, made in the USA in 1941. (And now at the top of the Cameras-Ordered-By-New-Price list.)

News for 22-July-2011

News for 21-July-2011

News for 20-July-2011

News for 18-July-2011

News for 15-July-2011

News for 14-July-2011

Instead of a single link to the articles, each article now has its own link.

News for 13-July-2011

News for 12-July-2011

Added camera: Kodak Automatic 35 - 1959

"Cameras By Type" listing reorganized (again!)

News for 11-July-2011

Added camera: Revere Eye-Matic EE 127 - 1959

Added material: Popular Photography ad for Kodak Starmatic

News for 10-July-2011

The contents page has been reorganized, moving some of the material into articles, links to which appear below.

If clicking or tapping on an article link doesn't work, it's because you need to update your app.

Added camera: Bell & Howell Electric Eye 127 - 1959

News for 9-July-2011

Update now to the latest version (1.02 on iOS, 1.01 on MacOS) for a revised contents page, with all the new cameras in sequence.

(If "Kodak Brownies and Hawkeyes" is first, you're updated.)

This box will be updated almost every day, and soon there will be articles in addition to the camera collection.

News for 7-July-2011

Asahi Pentax Auto 110 - 1978

Canon AF35M - 1979

News for 1-July-2011

Kodak Brownie No. 2 (Model F) - 1924

Kodak Brownie Starmatic - 1959


News for 30-June-2011

Kodak Bullet Camera - 1936


News for 29-June-2011

Kodak Colorburst 200 - 1978

Olympus 35RC - 1970

Minolta Hi-Matic - 1962


News for 27-June-2011

News for 25-June-2011

Rolleiflex 3.5 Automat MX - 1951

Kodak Pocket Instamatic 20 - 1972

News for 24-June-2011

Kodak Duaflex IV - 1955

Kodak Brownies and Hawkeyes (7 cameras)


News for 23-June-2011

News for 22-June-2011

News for 21-June-2011

Canon 110ED - 1975


News for 20-June-2011

Canon Canonet - 1961

Konica Auto S - 1963


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