Heavy Cameras

My very heavy Kodak Ektra arrived in late July 2011, quickly followed by a Clarus MS-35. Both seemed very heavy, so, I decided to weigh a few of my 35mm cameras and rank them.

Indeed, the Ektra is the heaviest 35mm rangefinder, but it's outweighed by two of my SLRs. Heavyweight champion is the Zeiss Ikon Contarex ("Bullseye"), at 1210 grams, with the Leicaflex just behind at 1160. (Both with standard lenses attached.) The Ektra was only 1055.

The Clarus is #2 among my rangefinders, at 916. Then, much lighter, is the Leica M3, at 848 (5cm Summicron attached). All of my other rangefinders are under 800 grams.

But all of these are lightweights compared to my Medalist II (6x9cm on 620 film) at 1335 grams. That's 3 pounds!