Hardware and Software Requirements

Albumatic doesn't require much more than what you need to run Windows satisfactorily. A 75 MHz. Pentium with 16MB of RAM should be plenty. You'll need an Internet connection to use the FTP features, but you can use Albumatic as a standalone program if you want to.

There's been no attempt to support keyboard-only usage. You need to use a mouse or other pointing device.

You also need some of the Internet Explorer components that are now a standard part of Windows. The best way to ensure you have them is to install Internet Explorer 4.0 or later before trying to run Albumatic. If you have Windows 98 or NT 4.0 (or later), you should already be OK, so this is chiefly a problem with Windows 95 systems. If anything essential is missing, you'll most likely get a complaint about a missing DLL file. Please let us know if this happens—maybe we can help.

Albumatic probably won't run on NT versions earlier than 4.0. It also won't run on Windows CE. For that matter, it also won't run on MacOS, PalmOS, UNIX, or anything else other than Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.