Changing Application Preferences

You set application preferences with the Application Preferences command on the Edit menu. You'll then be presented with a dialog that allows you make the adjustments you want. Some of the new preferences only affect albums you create in the future—albums that already exist remain unaffected. An example would be changing the Local Album Directory.

The sections of this page describe the application preferences you can set.

Local Album Directory

The is the parent of all albums that will get created on the local computer.

Local Images Directory

This just sets the starting directory for the Add button on the main album window. It's only a convenience; you can still add images from any directory.

Restore Showing of Suggestions

As you probably already know, Albumatic from time to time shows you suggestion dialogs. You can turn these off on an individual basis. Clicking this button makes them all come back.

Check for New News

When this box is checked, Albumatic automatically checks for News about Albumatic on the Albumatic Web site and, if there is new News, displays it in a dialog box. The check is made only when you connect to any FTP site, so as not to cause unnecessary Web activity. Even if you don't have the box checked, you can still check for News via a command on the Help menu.

Note that this option is disabled and always checked. It may be enabled in a future version of Albumatic.

Guess Album URLs

When checked, Albumatic tries to guess URLs that reference an album that you publish. Guessing is a little time consuming, so you may want to disable it is you know what the URLs are going to be.


Note for Users of Albumatic Versions 2.00B4 and Earlier

The Remote Album Directory field that used to be in this dialog is now gone, replaced by the FTP Server Subdirectory field in the FTP Connection dialog. The change was made because this subdirectory is really specific to the FTP site, and you may want different directories for different sites.