Warning: Do NOT attempt to install this version on Windows 95/98/98SE/ME. It may interfere with system operation.

Download 2.01

Click here to download the newest Albumatic version as a ZIP file (about 2MB). When you get it, extract it to a temporary directory on your system and execute setup.exe. Or, use the automatic install feature of WinZip or other similar programs. (You can get WinZip from www.winzip.com.)

New Features in Release 2.01

  1. Removed initial dialog warning about a beta release.

New Features in Release 2.00

  1. New label photo property.
  2. More file-type choices added to Add dialog.
  3. Changes to allow album directories to be moved. References to local originals now relative in *.alc.
  4. Improvements in formatting of pages (e.g., captions indented).
  5. Redesigned Album Properties dialog.
  6. Two-page style now uses JavaScript in page two, which can include background, label, caption, etc.
  7. New option for caption in table (both styles).
  8. Separate text colors for index and enlargements.
  9. Background images.
  10. Preview in Add dialog.
  11. Custom enlargement size.
  12. Back link added to Enlargement View for Two-Page Style.
  13. Text colors now affect links, too.
  14. Libraries of albums. See the help topic "About Libraries" for details.
  15. Albums can be created with no photos, for use as library table-of-contents pages. All English strings moved to template files, to aid in localization.
  16. Style sheets used in HTML to facilitate style customization.
  17. Reorganization of templates to make it easier integrate albums into existing web sites.
  18. Custom templates can now be located in the parent of an album directory, in addition to the album directory itself. This allows libraries to share templates.*
  19. Enlargement (L_*) files are now removed if they're no longer needed.*
  20. After publishing, Albumatic optionally tries to guess the URL.*

  21. A new Subdir field in the album properties dialog allows albums to be located in a tree that's common to the local and remote sites.*

  22. The album Name and Subdir fields are now disabled when the album properties dialog is opened on an existing album.*

  23. When publishing, multiple levels of directories can now be created automatically.*

  24. Grayscale JPGs still can't be processed, but now the error message is better.*

  25. You can drag image files from Windows Explorer and other programs and drop them onto the image list in Albumatic to add them to an album.*

  26. You can drag an album file and drop in onto Albumatic to open an album.*

  27. The Remote Album Directory field in the Application Preferences dialog is now gone, replaced by the FTP Server Subdirectory field in the FTP Connection dialog.*

  28. The wizard for first-time users is now much simpler, asking only for an album name instead of bringing up the full-blown Album Properties dialog.*

  29. When a new album is created, the Add dialog is automatically opened.*

  30. After photos are added with the Add dialog, the album is automatically rebuilt.*

  31. Duplicate album names are automatically made unique.*

  32. In the album properties dialog, there's an option to clone properties from an existing album.*

  33. Enlargement View can optionally be equipped with navigation and slide-show controls.**

Fixes in Release 2.00

  1. Newline in caption caused script error in frame mode. Caused .alc formatting error, too.
  2. Keep going on error generating JPEG.
  3. Open as read-only removed from add dialog.
  4. Max FTP login chars changed from 20 to 100.
  5. Fix for frame references when site adds a frame.
  6. Fix for failure to view clicked-on image prior to album build.
  7. Fix for photos not being regenerated when crop rectangle is changed.
  8. Initial album directory is Albums in install dir rather than C:\.
  9. Two problems with scanning: broken Scan button if fails to write file; warning if B&W image.
  10. Fixes for Netscape.
  11. If enlargement size was changed from anything to Original after the album was published, the original photos weren't uploaded in all cases. Now doing a full build forces them to be uploaded.
  12. Apostrophes are now handled correctly in album titles.*
  13. Adding multiple photos caused the order to be wrong, with the first and last photos interchanged. This is actually a Windows bug. Albumatic now sorts the list itself.*
  14. Double-clicking an *.alb file to open an album now works.*
  15. Fixed bug when album root directory is set to a file-system root directory. (2.00B7)
  16. Changed Enlargement View template to add scroll bars when the browser window is too small. (2.00B7)
  17. Made the initial Albumatic window bigger. (2.00B7)
  18. Innocuous error messages about not being able to open a directory when cloning an album lacking background images. (2.00B7)
  19. No longer hangs if FTP directory has an initial slash (2.00B8).
  20. Enlargement template is now tighter, eliminating unused space when there's no label or caption (2.00B8).
  21. Mishandling of FTP directories paths with several levels now fixed (2.00B8).

* New with Version 2.00B5.
** New with 2.00B6.